Sharp Archive started when we found ourselves in the same position as many of our new users. Our background is in the financial services industry - required by regulation to archive all communications.

We looked at many products that did this and read every review we could find. We were stunned by four things:
1) How expensive the products were
2) That companies seemed to keep your data hostage (or put it in an unusable format)
3) How the software looked like it was from 1995
4) Unethical sales practices users were reporting

The best ideas come from solving your own problems. If Sharp Archive existed when we were looking for a solution, we wouldn’t have created it.

As we worked, our passion grew. At first, our goal was to create a product at a lower price point. We felt that those required to do this would appreciate paying less. However, as we formalized the concept of “communication risk,” Sharp Archive blossomed into a risk mitigation machine.

We’re proud that we can still deliver the most affordable archiving solution on the market, while also providing this through arguably the best user interface with cutting edge features that help you mitigate communication risk.

When you use Sharp Archive, it is like hiring an army of communication supervisors. It helps you use technology to leverage existing compliance capacity. In real time, it helps you reduce your risk associated with problematic communication. If we can help you identify risk immediately, it empowers you to eliminate it.