Data Archiving Software for Government

Monitor and archive communication records for compliance and legal discovery

Gartner-approved archiving solutions for government for compliance with FOIA, State Sunshine Laws, FRCP, NARA and data privacy laws like CCPA.

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Archiving Solution for Government: Social Media, SMS, Chat, Website & Email Archiving

Respond to FOIA and open data requests faster

Reduce the time and cost of responding to FOIA and State Open Records requests with blazing fast advanced search, PII redaction, bulk export and the option to export to PDF directly.

Simplify capture and retrieval across various platforms

Centralize the retention of email, social media, text messages, voice calls, chat apps and collaboration platforms like MS Teams or WhatsApp to solve search, retention and production challenges across the board.

Meet NARA’s records management requirements

Meet NARA’s records management requirements

Ensure proper data management throughout its lifecycle, improve accessibility and searchability of records and remove them once they exceed their time-based need for retention.

Automate the archiving process

A fully automated archiving process for public sector organizations will eliminate human error, improve productivity, save time and keep your IT staff happy when a request comes in.

Improve backup and data protection

Data archiving will help you modernize your electronic records management, improve error-prone backup methods, prevent data loss and reduce the costs of data protection for your agency.

Monitor conversations for policy violations

A digital archive solution is the only tool which lets government agencies retain electronic communications, monitor employee communication for policy violations, and get insight for all departments.

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A single data archiving solution for all use cases in the public sector

Email archiving from all email platforms

Email archiving from all email platforms

Jatheon’s email archiving solutions for government have air-tight integration with all major email providers, and can be deployed as AWS-based, on-premise, or virtual systems. As many conversations with citizens take place via email, an archiving software is essential in helping you access your email records, locate them with precision, as well as restore or produce them for open data requests.

SMS, chat and social media archiving

SMS, chat and social media archiving

As government organizations adopted new communication methods, regulations were fast to follow. To ensure your conversations with citizens are compliant and to maintain a history for future generations, proper record management is key. We’re here to support you meet the requirements and best practices by archiving records from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, collaboration apps like MS Teams and WhatsApp, as well as text messages and voice calls. Everything is captured with full context and in evidentiary quality, including edits and deleted messages.

Designed for public sector organizations

Designed for public sector organizations

Our focus is on making your lives easier so that you can focus on serving your citizens. With Jatheon’s archiving solution for government, you’ll meet all the federal, state and local regulations like FOIA, NARA, FRCP, Federal Records Act, or State Sunshine Laws, and be able to respond to open data and ediscovery requests confidently and efficiently. With integrated options like Advanced Search (with 20+ search criteria), PII redaction and export to multiple formats (PST, EML, PDF, HTML, transcript), you’ll save time and reduce effort.

Fast, errorproof migration from other systems

Fast, errorproof migration from other systems

Thanks to Jatheon’s own automated migration tool, we can transfer your current or legacy data from most competitor systems, minimizing hiccups and errors. Zero effort and minimal participation on your end, with 24/7 support by our team of engineers. No queuing – your legacy data is migrated while real-time archiving takes place.

Some of our greatest and most valued customers are public sector organizations like yours.


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